Thursday, January 1, 2009

Game Cow Week: Day 4

Today wasn’t quite as productive as the other days. But I still got some good stuff done. I had to do a lot of debugging, and code refactoring. I expect that I’ll have to do more of that as time goes on because the code base is getting a lot larger, and more complicated. Additionally, when I wrote some earlier code I was making assumptions that no longer hold true. It’s been interesting producing so much code in such a short time.

I spent a fair amount of time reworking the defender classes. I added some methods to calculate line of sight so that I could have the defenders hold their fire until they can actually see a zombie. I also modified the defenders so that when they are standing on buildings they can’t shoot immediately around themselves. This is a gameplay move, it gives you a reason to put defenders out on the streets, because they can shoot zombies that are up close, rather than just ones that are farther away. I also added some code so that the defenders have accuracy stats, and their weapons also have accuracy stats. This along with some other changes allowed me to implement three different defender classes. There’s the rifleman, they fire in three round bursts that do decent damage, and their accuracy isn’t great, but it’s okay. There’s a sniper, that has a really long range, good accuracy and damage, but they shoot slower, and only shoot one bullet at a time, so they can only hit one zombie at a time. Then there’s the saw (squad assault weapon) soldier, he sprays the bullets, with low accuracy, and pretty crummy damage, but he puts out a whole lot of fire.

Today marked the first day where it really started to feel fun. As I was setting out the different troopers, and trying to figure out the best spots to put them to stop the zombie hordes it was really fun. Hopefully I’ll be able to improve on that as I add more features in the coming days. I’m hoping to finish up the humans tomorrow, adding experience points, and morale to the mix. I’m also planning on reworking how soldier deployment works some, and putting limits on how many soldiers can be deployed. If time allows I’m also going to be working on polishing up the interface some. Adding some menus, and adding methods to display story text, and information about individual soldiers.

Instead of a screenshot today, I have a video. Putting out the troopers was so fun, that I decided that there needed to be sound effects, so I added some gun sound effects. The whole thing was so fun to watch that I decided a screen shot just couldn’t do it justice and downloaded a cool open souce video maker and made a video. I stuck on youtube, you can watch it here. I recommend watching it in high quality.

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At January 2, 2009 at 8:18 AM , Blogger Shelley K said...

Wow, that is so cool! How fun. The way you are talking about having to change your code because the plan changes reminds me of writing a lot. When I begin writing a story, I think it will go one way but as i write through, i discover that it would be far better another way. Then I have to go back and change the beginning to make for a consistent story.

So exciting! Good job.


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