Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Project Update

Here's a screenshot from tonight. It's coming along well, I've made a whole lot of changes since the last time I posted a progress report.

Currently we're doing a lot of tuning on the gameplay side. Trying to get it to be fun, and challenging, and to work well. The numbers you see on the buildings denote what level the building is, and what kind of building it is. As zombies come in from off the side of the map they can capture buildings. Once captured a building will produce zombies, and can be upgraded. As buildings are upgraded they produce zombies faster, they produce stronger zombies, and can produce different varieties of zombies.

Right now the game is just too easy. The zombies come pretty furiously, but the humans are just too good at holding them off, so I'm doing experimenting to try and figure out how to have both sides increase in power at roughly the same level.

Anyway, I just wanted this to be a quick status update. Just something to set a precedent to get me to post status updates more often.



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